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Sep 7, 2012 1:35am EDT
a track, "what makes a good man" off new album. please welcome the heavy! [applause] >> ♪ come on come on cut me down now cut me down now ain't nothin' wrong with this chemistry ain't nothin' wrong with this blasphemy and time tell that there's the pedigree experience is another one meant for me to tell me now (tell me now) and show me how (show me how) to understand (understand) what makes a (good man) to tell me now (tell me now) hey walk the line (walk the line) hey understand (understand) what makes a (good man) a good man now i entitle swim for blood and birth i entitle swim for what it's worth cause lines get drawn 'n' lines get kicked 'n' blurred indelible is what i need to spread the word to tell me now and show me how (show me how) to understand (understand) what makes a (good man) gotta tell me now (tell me now) hey walk the line (walk the line) hey understand (understand) what makes a (good man) a good man (yeah) come on i said (yeah) come on i said (yeah) hey, come on i said (yeah) hey, come on i said (yeah) hey, come on i said (yeah) give it up when i say you repeatto tell
Sep 1, 2012 7:25pm EDT
as we were lead by that great freedom, the man from independents, harry truman. but the gladness of this high occasion cannot mask the soro -- the sorrow that shares our hearts. let us hear tonight each of us, all of us, rededicate ourselves to keeping burning the golden torch of promise which john fitzgerald kennedy set aflame. [applause] and let none of us stop to rest until we have written into the law of the land all the suggestions and then let us continue to supplement the program with the kind of laws that he would have us write. [applause] tonight we offer ourselves on our record and by our platform as a party for all americans. and all american parties are all american. [applause] this land of reasonable men has no place for any partisanship or previous prejudice. [applause] the need of all can never be met by a party of the few. the needs of all cannot be met by a business party. for a labor party. -- or a labor party. not by a war party or a peace party. not by a southern party or another in -- or a northern party. our needs will meet our needs only if we are served by
Sep 30, 2012 1:15am EDT
with the pilot speaking arabic is horrifying. i thought man. they have the played. [laughter] we landed it was such a different culture. the second highest and of living in the world of keying got complaints from his citizens so he pay off their mortgages. they're very wealthy. added certain point* i got jealous. i had not been immersed in a culture so consumed with learning. >> great to have you here. i love your show on cnn of years ago. why did you decide to play the straight man? >> we were putting the deal together john cline was the president of cnn and said we will put you on tv right now. i was overwhelmed. the first time i did not know what i was supposed to be. then i found my center i was supposed to me me. it was like landing in russia up. a culture shock. i learned a lot about myself and people with their consumption of the news. >> on the topic of wealth and the source for learning do you think we have that level of wealth people would still have a thirst for learning? the field that is mess it -- missing there has never been a society we have been consumed i remember grow
Sep 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
was rolling a marijuana cigarette in his hand. officer tapang remove the cigarette from the man's hand. his immediate response was to flee from officers. saturday night on broadway is pure chaos at 2:00 in the morning. hundreds of people leaving the nightclubs. these officers are chasing this person down the crowded street. as the chase went on for a few yards, but the suspect reached underneath his jacket. he withdrew a tech 9 automatic pistol. he was running down broadway and took the weapon and he there to scare the officer, and pointed the pistol right at officer. officer jones, seeing the threat to the officer and everyone else nearby, fired a shot to protect an officer. almost immediately after that, officer tapang was able to catch up with the suspect and wrestle him to the ground, and they were able to take the suspect into custody and secure the pistol. when they checked the weapon they found it had 22 rounds of ammunition in the magazine. so it was clearly a catastrophe waiting to happen as these officers took action. they could have taken a defensive position. they could have tak
Sep 5, 2012 4:30am EDT
premier of quebec. >> she was removed from the stage. the shooter is a 50-year-old man. he shouted, "the english are waking up." he says a small fire behind the building before he was arrested. date to of the democratic national convention in charlotte. former president bill clinton will give the stage tonight. >> this follows an opening night filled with powerful speakers. scott thuman and gordon peterson are in charlotte with highlights. >> the first lady knocked them dead at this convention. >> last night for democrats hoping they could keep this thing off in style. the enthusiasm that they really needed to garner in this election campaign, they got what they were hoping for. >> the first lady discussed her misgivings about living in a glass bubble. clearly, she wants to hang on to the job. the president does not show his hand very often. here's michelle obama talking about her husband's love for their daughters. >> here is the same man when our girls were first born would anxiously checked their cribs every few minutes to ensure there were still breathing. proudly showing them off to
Sep 4, 2012 2:00pm PDT
, developing a new picture of emerging man and the problem of heroism in the modern age. peer, like other great literary epic heroes such as beowulf, siegfried, roland and faust, reflects a universal human condition: the search for identity and the mortal consequences of his actions. but peer is a more complex and introspective hero. while on the one hand he is an imaginative storyteller, he is also a liar. though he recognizes the good and the ideal, he consistently opts for evil and compromise. when there is a shipwreck, peer determines that the cook's life is expendable and saves himself. the character of peer gynt marks a critical change in the concept of an epic hero and signifies the advent of an anti-hero concept. peer gynt covers a 50-year time span in one man's life. the play is developed into five acts. acts 1 through 3 cover peer's youth in norway. his maturity and adult years abroad is the subject of act 4. and finally, peer's old age and return home is the subject of act 5, the portion for our viewing. we will also see excerpts from scenes in acts 1, 2 and 3 as reminders of importa
Sep 11, 2012 6:30pm EDT
quote others waved black flags that looked like those of al qaeda. one man scaled a flagpole while others lit flares much the protesters are furious about a movie which appears to have been made in america that they say insults the prophet muhammad beyond the insults any depiction of mohamed is forbidden. danish embassies were attacked after a cartoon was published. it's being promoted by pastor terry jones who infamous/burned a koran in 2010. he said the movie is "not designed to attack muslims but to show the destructive ideology of islam." "they have to arrest this priest" this christian protester said while this woman held a sign that said do you want war with muslims much the embassy knew something was brewing after they were sent parts of the film asking their involvement. the ambassador and most of his staff left the complex ahead of the protests. meanwhile, diane, the american consulate in benghazi, libya was also attacked tonight. that incident believed to have
Sep 10, 2012 7:30pm PDT
immigrants, but they learned english. why can't you mexicans do the same? man: the character that i portray in "the temple of confessions," the pre-columbian vato, is a mixture of recognizable media images, how the media portrays the latino youth these days. ♪ 'cause i still feel the same ♪ 'cause i still feel the same ♪ a lot of the images are associated with chicanos, but exploded, magnified 200 times. woman: what are you doing? and who are you? we perform slow-motion, ritualized actions for the five-hour periods that we're within the plexiglas boxes. [ rooster crows ] you think that kevin costner's going to hire us for his next film? either him or harrison ford. sifuentes: guillermo and i have been working together in various capacities since 1991. so for five years. it began when guillermo had a huge commission. he went looking for many chicanos to come and work with him. i was a performance artist, just out of college, and here was a great opportunity to work with one of the premier chicano thinkers of our time. it was a great opportunity for me. snake boots. plastic cascavelles.
Sep 2, 2012 6:30pm EDT
and gained many after decades ago holding mass weddings for people at a time. the waorf man charged in the death of a activist has struck a peace deal. -- struck a plea deal. the man's body was found in the washington, after missing a year ago. deal,hange for the plea dropped first three murder and kidnapping charges. a man now accused of a crime is same man that came at some notoriety credited for saving a life. we have that story you will only on 7. neighbors are adamant that not sound like a man they know so well. they held a get together to as a hero. he was lying on his side, his eyes facing up. this is the man who performed save a man's life. its the first time i had to that and i cane look out of his -- and of mine. e communicated online with a 12-year-old who herself as an adult. investigators say he discussed sex. at a park in bethesda near the girl's home. he briefly got into his car in which she got out, she was by family members who spotted the car and told police man pointed a gun at them. on august 25. car, they found a loaded loaded guns and ammo, as it ties, rope, a
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the bellhaven marina. there are reports of a man with a gun on a boat. >> reporter: we are being kep several feet away from the scene. you've got some f.b.i. investigators here on the scene. wha we are told is at about 8:00 this evening, u.s. park police stopped a boat. we don't know why this boat was pulled over, but what we do know is the individual that was on the vote is believed to have within armed, possibly with a gun. again, we just found out here a few minutes ago and investiga r investigators are staying very tight-lipped. again, this began about 8:00 this evening. the individual on the boat, possibly armed with a gun. we're in alexandria this evening, back to you. >> more breaking news as the nationwide man hunt for a murder suspect ends in virginia. we've just learned the suspect recently resigned from his job in quantico. >> reporter: a lot of the people that we spoke to tell me that this is the most excitement that they've seen in quite some time. kerry says it was like a scene from a crime show. >> that easterl's exactly what d like, a cop show. >> she watched murder suspect
Sep 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
in the united states. and each person uses an average of 100 gallons of water every day. man: what it takes to actually make clean water is somewhat a mystery to most customers. woman: so how does water get from the river into your house, or here at school? woman: somebody has to bring that water to us, and somebody has to take it away when we're finished with it. man: the water infrastructure is vital for disease protection, fire protection, basic sanitation, economic development, and for our quality of life. man: you just can't visualize all the assets that are under our feet. we have about two million miles of pipe in this nation. if you're walking around in an urban area, you're probably stepping on a pipe. man: our grandparents paid for, and put in for the first time, these large distribution systems. woman: and in many cases, it's not been touched since. man: we're at a critical turning point. much of that infrastructure is wearing out. narrator: our water infrastructure is made up of complex, underground systems that function continuously. these 10 locations take a look at the histor
Sep 7, 2012 1:35am PDT
(show me how) to understand (understand) what makes a (good man) you gotta tell me now (tell me now) hey walk the line (walk the line) hey understand (understand) what makes a (good man) a good man a good man a good man come on a good man a good man a good man (what makes a good man) a good man a good man a good man what makes a good man ♪ got to, got to, got to ♪ [applause] craig: hey, you did it. you did it. the heavy. we got to go. good night, everybody! ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, cu >>> >>> president obama asepsis party's nomination and makes no apologies a notch or is that now >>> the suspect used a sailboat to get away the childrens' mother is worried giselle we've heard from the first lady and the former president tonight it was president obama's turned to address the democratic convention and make the case he deserves for more years in office. >>> if you share that faith with me if you share that hope with me i ask you tonight for your vote. >>> political reporter grace lee heads up our coverage >>> the president offered no apologies for last four years he had know
Sep 6, 2012 5:30am EDT
tape weeks after it was found in a man's will put the recording on exhibit in the motel room where king stayeddhis last night before being killed.the tape was appraised at 100- thousand-dollars.coppprfield says he's giving it to the museuu because it's "just the righh thing to do." the n-f-l kicked off last night, but for the first time in 15 years..... e're still talking baseball during football season. peason. joel d. smith is live at the sports legends museum at ccmden yards with a preview of tonight's game against the yankees with first place on the line... and how ticket sales llok for the rest of he weekend. good &ptonight---- club level $102 friday --- plenty remaining outsunday --- plenty the orioles will unveil a sculpture of hall of famer cal ripken jr. prior to thuusday's series opener at camden yards. it is one of six sculptures the club is celebrating this season and comes on the 11- ripken passed lou gehrig by playing in a major league-record 2,131st consecutive game, becoming baseball's "iron man." 3 halloween issstill more than a month away... but you'd
Sep 14, 2012 12:00pm EDT
evacuated because of bomb threats. a man with a middle eastern accent called the university of texas in austin claiming to have placed bombs all over campus. he said he was with al qaeda. he also said the bombs would explode in 90 minutes. north fargo also has been evacuated. the website says it is also because of a bomb threat but we do not have more details. we will continue to follow this story on air and online at anti-u.s. protests in the as people target more than embassies. >> apparently, they are easily identifying american institutions, including fast- food restaurants. >> we just got word from the white house moments ago that president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton will be at joint space andrews this afternoon when the bodies of the four americans killed in libya are returned to american soil. in the meantime, news of even more unrest worldwide as protesters have set fire to cars parked at the embassy in tunisia. >> this afternoon, protesters have continued to take to the streets in several countries including pakistan yemen indonesia, sudan and ira
Sep 9, 2012 11:30pm EDT
the super bowl for new orleans with a pick of manning. they have locked this one up with a pick of roethlisberger. >> cris: what a game for tracy porter tonight. a little inside release, didn't like it, arrows back outside. you can see porter looking back at roethlisberger. and there he goes. and somewhere peyton manning is saying, see, ben? got me, too. you want to go for two here, right? >> al: you do. you want to make it 14. it's 12 right now. manning saying put the ball down. we're going to go for two. after a 43-yard return. >> cris: and boy, let the expectations go up in denver. they were sky high anyway. but after beating the pittsburgh steelers, there's going to be a lot of super bowl talk around here. >> al: the two-minute warning with 1:58 left on opening night in denver. 31-19. 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that
Sep 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
, it's called mad man with broom. the realist crows return at earliest morning. and the madman with broom, madman in his night shirt with a broom, he, too, returns. he thinks to roust the crows from the mulberry boughs by jabing and swirling his broom, by crazily twirling his broom in the wet summer air and hurling curses skyward beyond the boughs and the crows toward the fading gods beyond the fading stars. but the realist crows know it is only a man in a nightshirt after dawn; that the broom is a broom and that his cries are nothing more than words and half words the heavy air will swallow. they rise anyway from the tree, as best to quiet him and let morning be morning. soon enough they will return again by twos and threes, settling among the spreading limbs, their laughter the same before and after. catherine case is the next reader. . >> one is called the mountain by hashim hafik and it's translated by sadi samoi. i have washed the mountain, i have washed the stones and the pebbles that clings to the trees. i have washed the mountain. i have lit the paths and the back ways
Sep 22, 2012 1:00pm PDT
hardy. the founder of burning man and he is here to talk about the amazing place and phenomenon known as black rock city. he is one of the original planners and architects. we are going to talk about the path of burning man, the future as well. before we jump into the question that had to do with what is going on, tell us about your new headquarters and how that came to be, why the move into the heart of san francisco? >> well, we were on third street, in what is left of san francisco's industrial district , and we got lonely, really. [laughter] we saw real estate values dropping precipitously. as far as we were concerned, that was a good thing because it enabled us to move into market street. the city had encouraged us to do so, too, as they were very much interested in revitalizing market, 6th and market, which is essentially part of the tenderloin. we thought there were a lot of opportunities there. we know something about making urban environments vital. given the present political move, people are open to new ideas. that is true across the country. our burners are being asked to
Sep 23, 2012 12:15am EDT
, strike two and strike three fred durst. [ laughter ] >>> a new york man who dresses as elmo in times square was arrested this week after allegedly going on an anti-semitic rant. though what's most shocking about this story is that there are people in those costumes and not, as i had assumed, 100 rats working together. [ laughter ] >>> it was reported monica lewinsky signed a $12 million deal to write a tell-all memoir about her affair with president clinton. wow, i can't wait to read that said 1998. >>> in radio interview this week ann romney lashed out at republican critics of her husband's campaign telling them to stop it, because this is hard. here to elaborate on those comments, ann romney. >> hello, seth. thank you for having me. >> well, thank you for coming, ann. so, based on the interview, is it safe for us to say that the rigors of the campaign are starting to wear on you? >> seth, i have loved this campaign. we've had the pleasure to meet so many wonderful people across this great nation. but yes, at the same time, there are parts that are hard. there are many sacrifices to
Sep 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
and pam. >>> we are having it and forensic investigators have just arrived. this is a forensic area. a man was stabbed several times by new bridge street, a man has been rushed to the hospital where he is being treated. four people are being questioned by police. jeanine was there and she will be pack to give us an update from the scene in just about 30 minutes. >>> vallejo police are looking for a man who shot a man right in front of city hall. he was described as an african- american man. he was driving a chevy suburban. the victim does not know the suspect but the two were arguing before the suspect opened fire. the suspect was shot and fell out of hits wheelchair trying to avoid the bullets. they are investigating the 5th deadly shooting since may. we have more on the communities age doctor i reaction. >> reporter: he was holding what he thought was a real handgun but it turned out to be appellate fun a second man was also wounded. and the two officers involved are on standard paid leave. and the man who died, 23-year- old romero's friends gathered at a vigil. they were questioned whil
Sep 6, 2012 5:00pm EDT
thrilled to be part of the growth of this business. >> a former advertising man who grow in new york, he spent his life pursuing what other size and possible. a family man, a businessman, a football man. he knew phases -- success in all phases of his life immortality eluded him. he saw hall of fame voters deny him entry to canton. his legacy must do his bidding. he completed the sale of the ravens and that would lead to a personal relationship that transcended power, money, and tunnels. like so many, his sense of loss straddled lines between football and friendship. >> my heart breaks for them. we lost [unintelligible] most people who knew their love for each other figure that he would rather be with her than with us. >> it will hold a silent public tribute to art modell. his casket will be placed on the field. pan -- fans can pay tribute. fans are encouraged to wear purple. people are paying their respects to the man who led them to choose the name the ravens when they first arrived, making the city of football again. much more in reaction from the fans. >> i will tell you what kind of
Sep 22, 2012 5:30pm PDT
thursday night police shot a man they say pulled a pistol that man was taken to the hospital with not life- threatening wounds as flier was posted on twitter rallying protesters, which started at delores part. >>> even of the protest it starts nonviolent people infiltrate >>> several protesters did not send have a good handle why they were protest and not knowing the man who was shot is expected to survive. >>> the fur said he was not dead and said he was dead >>> a lot of confusion >>> the police were there but made no arrests >>> they should have of course >>> the police were not expecting the escalation >>> and the action we take as to be thought out and planned and consideration for officers safety >>> police in a tough spot these guys may have weapons they were throwing things, the most important thing to stop ride from happening, when need to do what we can hold these guys accountable >>> i'm wondering how far this will go in this saturday night the mission everyone lives around here how far they will take it >>> anne mackovic cbs 5 >>> campaign 2012 mitt romney took a swipe at our
Sep 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
but manny, man, manny machado. 81 quinns. this is great. >> congratulations. >>> it was a little more than a month ago that shots range out on the streets of mt. vernon. >> 40-year-old alex ulrich was killed and his friend larry peterson was injured. an arrest has been made. >> reporter: this is 25-year-old quniton bass. police said he pulled the trigger killing alex ulrich and injuring larry peterson, just steps away from the belvidere hotel. >> we think it's significant, this case. it highlights how all the different components of the police department work together with the community in solveling case -- solving cases. >> reporter: as the homicide detectives were building the case, it was officers on foot patrol who broke it. bass and others were drinking in a mt. vernon park. the foot officers approached him and took him. investigators worked backward, ccting him to the shooting three months earlier. >> the motive is robbery and it still remains an active investigation. >> reporter: active because there was at left another person with bass that night and they want to find her. police a
Sep 24, 2012 4:30am EDT
beat the new england patriots 31-30. if you read torey smith's tweets, this was a man who was in a lot of pain. if you saw him on the field you know he is a warrior. the wide receiver played with everything he had, following the death of his younger brother. linda so has more from smith this morning, what he has to say. >> the support he has received from his teammates and fans has meant so much and told people about his brother's death on twitter, that's his account on sunday morning, since then, his account has been flooded with well wishes from fans. he played the game for his brother, 19 year old kevin jones died before midnight when a motorcycle crushed in to a utility pole in virginia. alcohol was not a factor. smith traveled to virginia to be with his family, he got an hour of sleep before the game and made the decision to play when he got to the stadium. he is glad he did. in the second quarter smith scored a touchdown and after the game he says it was for his younger brother who looked up to him as mentor. >> i just said a quick prayer. obviously, you play with a hef heart. yo
Sep 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
that the bill. he is asking his neighbors to rejoin him. >>james: the search is over from that missing man and lafayette. brad olson was found. he was a college student. they lost track of have and a crowd. a quarter or -- a coroner will perform an autopsy. there is a memorial page for brett. according to his friends a memorial events will be going on tomorrow. >> a man is in the hospital after a shooting in san leandro last night. when police arrived the resident was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. police say that an employee at al melky del -- milipitas some 711. and we had an update on the weather from is until now let's get an update on traffic. >> that are no hot spots out there at the moment. everything is running smoothes so far this morning. designer >> >>janu: we're waking up to '60s and '70s this morning. -- we're waking up to 57 '60s this morning. we will get as high is the '70s and '80s through out area. here are the afternoon highs. as the floor this 7 day around the bay is dean going to be quite warm toward the end of the week. >>james: a sad story out of the east
Sep 21, 2012 11:00pm PDT
they wanted to do. >> he is a good man, his beliefs and his plans would not help this country at all. i think we would be in worse shape. >> mitt romney left at 84:00. the protesters waited for an hour and a half to see mitt romney for a few seconds. they are saying was worth it. >> it was 87 in concord. 87 in livermore and in the north bay, the temperatures were in the 80s. a live look outside from the toll plaza. we're seeing crystal clear skies this evening. a few high clouds overhead. it is minimal and near the coastline. the temperatures in the 70s and 80s. more coming up. >>> also coming up -- >>> new tonight lat 11:00. a map was shot and killed in east oakland tonight. at 6:45. the man was found dead inside of the home. it was not cheer if he was shaw about the home or outside it. police have the description of a suspect. >>> a retired bay firefighter who disappeared from a chicago bowel train has been found in nebraska. the family of the 69-year-old is saying that his body was spotted by a rail worker. he was last scene on the 16th. >>> we'll be right back. what was grandma's cold rem
Sep 3, 2012 6:07am PDT
the water is delivered and used, it must also be taken away. man: it's important that the waste generated by any society not be left around. cholera, and other diseases and problems, have been spread, because people wound up living in filth. even the ancients understood that you couldn't have the sewage where you lived. and the easiest thing to do was transport it to another spot -- by water, or a river. most of the first sewer systems were on the east coast of the united states, often in places that already had developed a citywide water supply system. sullivan: in 1630, boston was basically three mountains, there were very steep hills. waste would run down quickly and dump into the harbor. and the tide would carry most of it away. well, this worked well for a while. the problem was, as boston wanted to expand, it started filling in the mudflats. the water could come rushing down the hill, it would hit the flat area and slow down. at high tide, it couldn't get out at all. it got so bad that the city took over, 'cause the city has a responsibility to protect its citizens. boston built the
Sep 22, 2012 10:00pm PDT
of angel pagan 8-4, playoffs are next how about some happy man? >>> that's about right >>> and some this team up with one word, all man, we have fighters, the buzz word on the bench as fight, as they say in spanish i don't know how to say it that is the buzz word on the bench >>> we were thinking about the last road trip were very happy to do this in front of the home crowd let them celebrate with us >>> the giants' most likely against the cincinnati reds, when they get this going, a couple of weeks from tonight, i'll be prepared to put in long hours for this one this will be exciting, like 1993 when all the teams were good, giants niners a's, a great time to be in san francisco. more in sports later. >>> this is in the locker room shortly after the win. >>> more happy man from inside the locker room to outside the stadium don knapp talks with excited fans >>> if you're looking for in depth analysis of the game or a season you will find it in the streets you will find fan enthusiasm and the reason they come to the game. fire works about at&t ball park amounts to what everyone knew,
Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm PDT
>>> a young man who traveled thousands of miles searching and a peruvian offering the guidance is under arrest. >> 18-year-old kyle nolan graduated from high school last year and traveled to south america by himself. when he didn't come home two weeks ago, his family set out to find him. ama dates is here with the story. >> carolyn, i spoke to his brother today, and he didn't want to talk on camera, but he told me his mother and sister are still in peru trying to figure out exactly what lead to kyle's death. the 18-year-old resident died at a spiritual retreat in peru three weeks ago. it happened after he ingested a hallunicogenic plant during a ritual. when nolan didn't return home his mother and sister made the trip south to find him. his mother spoke to the media about the search. >> no one has seen from him, no one has heard from him. he hasn't left peru yet left to immigration. it is like he has vanished. there is no sign of him anywhere. >> today peruvian police say this shaman has been arrested after confessing to burying nolan. two other men have been taken into custody
Sep 19, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >>> authorities in oakland launched a man hunt today after a police chase ended in two stents, one involving a bus, the other -- that bus was carrying stubts. this accident happened about 4:45 this afternoon on richey street. police say the driver of the car that officers were chasing rammed into a vehicle trapping a woman inside. then the suspect and his passenger then ran from the scene. there's no word yet on injuries and police are actively looking for the two suspects. >>> a sacramento man is behind bars tonight after trying to kidnap three young men then led officers on a chase. the suspect's truck collided with two cars. minutes earlier by the man who said the driver aggressively trying to get them in his truck. the suspect is identified as 30-year-old robert. officers say he was high on meth amphetamine. >>> a 41-year-old vallejo man is high after crash involving a sheriff's deputy. no one was hurt. the chase on interstate 80 reach scenes up to 90 miles an hour. authorities say he threw a loaded shotgun out the window then drove to highway 37. east street in vallejo found abandoned on edge
Sep 15, 2012 12:00am PDT
and indonesia as well as libya andy jept given the sensitive situation in those countries. the man who made the anti-muslim video is a felon who was banned from using computers or the internet as part of a sentence. california's probation department is looking at whether he violated the terms of his violation. thomas roman. >> thank you. >>> two u.s. marines are dead after a sustained attack in afghanistan. they were killed when the taliban launched an assault on the camp that is the main coalition base. five other marines were reportedly wounded in that assault. it damaged buildings, hangars and aircraft. it is the base where prince harry is stationed right now as a helicopter pilot. the attack may have targeted him. the taliban issued a statement saying they were going to try to kidnap or kill him. the prince was on the base today, but was not injured. >>> the san jose mercury news says a cal trans operator smoked marijuana before a near disaster at the south san francisco station. disembarking passengers jumped for their lives when a speeding bullet train barreled down on them on august
Sep 11, 2012 9:00am PDT
the man who defied danger to get this close. >> i was camping out on the nearby islands, which is inhabited by lizards. >>> an unsuspecting cab driver picks up a fare -- >> for a ride home. >> see how the driver is the one who got taken for a ride. >>> a guy makes a video plea for a date. ♪ i'm looking for a girl i can call my miss right ♪ >> hear how many ladies romeo has been able to reel in. >> they were impressed with your rap skills? >>> plus, a drummer's point of view you've probably never seen. >>> and a super fan mourns a loss. >> i got to give her the red badge of courage for this one. >> how she went all razorback to back her team. >>> i have some absolutely incredible images of one of the world's most infamous volcanos. this is in indonesia. when it erupted several days ago, it sent ash and debris anywhere from two to four mile into the air. this video is of the lava flow that is coming down and flowing into the sea. >> it has a strange, dark beauty to it. >> when it erupted, the government said no one should go within about a half a mile of this volcano. so this
Sep 6, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the man behind the cleveland browns ... who later became the ravens when he brought the team to baltimore in 1996.mmdell was eighty- seven years old. 3 fans... are.. quick... to react ... to... the passing... of... art modell.../.. jeff abell... has been... gauging ...their reaction today. today..... (1:00:21) "i'll tell ya. art model died, i can't believe that....." throughhut the city, football fans were struggling with the news..... (58:54) (gregory compton) "i just heard about it 15-minutes ago....its just got me upset..... (53:30) (tt/museum) "the baltimore ravens....." at the sports egends museum, many fans remembered art modell as the godfather of baltimore football.....the owner who brought sundays back to baltimore. (47:00) (matt scott) "he coulda gone anywhere and he looked at all the citys and said, you know what, this is the city that i want...." (43:55) "we lost a friend actuully. when we lost him we lost a friend." (1:05:44) "what he pid underhanded, bacchanded and moved....pwww...." pbt for clevela
Sep 6, 2012 4:30am EDT
want a man who had the good sense to marry michelle obama. >> straight ahead former president bill clinton made his case as to why american voters should reelect president obama. tonight the president will hit the stage to wrap up the democratic national convention in charlotte. it is thursday, september 6. i m steve chenevey. >> let's go to the forecast with meteorologist adam caskey. >> a little bit of rain this morning. some energy moving through to start the day. sprinkles west of the blue ridge, approaching the shenandoah valley. parts of west virginia. 79 in washington, 73 in leesburg. manassas, 73. partly cloudy, hot and humid today. highs in the lower 90's. chance of showers later today. on saturday, it looks like you have a rain of -- round of rain in the afternoon and cooling behind that. sunday and monday, heights in the upper 70's. >> no accents to support -- reports so far. overnight construction still in effect. we are down to one lane on the outer loop of the beltway between the toll road and georgetown pike. if you are traveling in the southbound direction on 395 to
Sep 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
no a man accused of touching himself outside an anne arundel elementary school, how you scan help police find him. >> he worked to make shower we could live long, long lives and his ended way too soon. tonight the murder of a researcher. >> there's a new reason for parents to pay void bottles and other -- avoid bottles and other products with bpa. >> the skies were dark. the air was humid for most of the day. >> we're looking at downtown bel air. will we have rain? will it clear up? let's check in with wyatt. >> it depends on where you are right now. we have weather going down in caroline county and in eastern dorchester county and eastern talbot county. so we are seeing intense weather in parts of the state. this is the narrow band that has produced damaging winds. we have had a tornado watch but haven't seen much in the way of tornadic activity. a tornado watch is in effect just for the eastern most part of the state for another hour or so through 7:00. the radar picture, you seat storm line pushing out, but there's rain on the back side. we're not completely clear, but we see t
Sep 22, 2012 11:00pm EDT
attack on a 72-year-old man. 22-year-old justin charles strong has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery. last saturday, prince georges county police were called to the 3800 block of blatensburg report. the victim had been beaten with an aluminum bat. 72-year-old man remains hospitalized tonight in stable condition. >>> motorcyclist is killed tonight in prince georges county. it happened just before 6:00. no wrd on the name of the victim. the motorcycle caught fire after colliding with another vehicle. eastbound route 50 at 202 shut down for about two hours tonight. >>> coming up on 9news now. what was he thinking? a man jumped into a tiger pit at a zoo in new york. just ahead, a wheelchair bound double amputee shot and killed by police. >> i'm meteorologist, erica grow. it's nice out here on the patio. we did have an earlier downpour. that's all done with now. take a welcome at your wakeup weather forecast. it will be cooler as you are waking up tomorrow morning. 48 in some of the outlying areas. 58 in the downtown area. breezy and cooler tomorrow. detai
Sep 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
's mom. betty, we love you. so i know that paul is a man of family. he's a man of faith. and he is a man dedicated for the right reasons, believing in america, believing that we can succeed. now, as mitt romney said last night, we have a ticket. together mitt romney, paul ryan, a ticket that is dedicated to help small businesses. dedicated to helping all of you men and women reliant upon the success of america to put people back to work, to make life work for families across virginia and across america. so please give -- join me in giving my good friend a warm virginia welcome, the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan. >> thank you very much. thank you, buddy. >> right here behind me. >> oh! how about this guy, huh? man. oh. oh, man. thank you. thank you very much. hey, we love you too, man. how about this guy? huh? man. you not only have one of my closest friends in congress as your congressman. you not only have a principled spirited leader, you have the leader of the house of representatives as your congressman eric cantor. you're very blessed. virginians are blessed. y
Sep 6, 2012 6:00am PDT
have new video to show you. a rescue happened in san jose. we are told a man fell off a roof and became stuck between two buildings there. ja anything janine de la vega is there. what is going on. >> reporter: yes , the victim is the suspect and there now treated for his injuries. behind me, i am standing here and this man is on top of the roof and was trying to jump from the building to the other building next door and he jumped and he fell 20 feet and wedged between an 18 inch gap and became trapped. police and fire crews were called here this morning and found 32-year-old man being trapped. we got video that shows that. he actually called police from his cell phone and told them that two men were chasing him with a knife so he was trying to get away and hide and that is how he ended up getting stuck. >> he wedged himself in the building. he tried calling a family member. they responded out here and they could not get him out. he had -- i guess ripped a lot of his clothes off going down the side of the building because it is a good drop. at which point he had to call 911. >> fire cre
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